Photo Album

Merve Naz Yalta photo

On this page, you can find a few personal photos.

February 2016. My daughter Merve Naz, almost three years old.

Berkay Yalta photo

My son Berkay, about ten and a half years old here. January 2016.

A. Talha Yalta talk photo

Giving a talk in 2010.

Gretl Conference 2009 photo

Gretl Conference 2009, Bilbao. In the middle with the red t-shirt is Allin Cottrell, gretl's chief developer.

A. Talha Yalta photo

Yours truly, circa 2009.

A. Yasemin Yalta and A. Talha Yalta photo

May 19, 2007. With my wife Yasemin Yalta, receiving the economics doctoral degree at Fordham University.

Baby Berkay Yalta photo

Berkay, aged 6 months. Asleep after a long read of macroeconomics.

Fordham macroeconomics lecture photo

My first students. Fordham University 2003 fall semester Basic Macroeconomics class. I am the one in the back with the red sweater.