Basic Econometrics Lecture Notes

A. Talha Yalta resim 3

Below, you can find in pdf format my Econometrics Lecture Notes (in Turkish) that have been endorsed and published as opencourseware by the Turkish Academy of Sciences (TUBA). These lecture notes, in general, follow the subject list of Gujarati and Porter's Basic Econometrics text book, an earlier edition of which has been translated into Turkish by Umit Senesen and Gulay Gunluk Senesen. You can freely use, duplicate, and modify the courseware under the terms of the "Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License" (CC-by-SA-3.0), which stipulates the attribution of the original author and the protection of the initial license model.

Written in a correct and easy to understand Turkish, these documents also include the English translations of the various econometric terminology. All visual elements were created using the gretl econometrics software, which I have translated into Turkish as well. The lecture notes, which have also been scrutinized by anonymous econometricians within the TUBA OpenCourseWare Project, should be free from even any spelling mistakes. If you find an error, I will be happy if you could contact me so that I can correct it.

Econometrics 1 Lecture Notes

Econometrics 2 Lecture Notes